About GDMA

The GDMA is an organisation that represents, supports and unites marketing associations from around the globe that focus on data-driven marketing.

It leads worldwide initiatives aimed at providing marketers with global trends, thought leadership and know-how on data-driven marketing and advertising across all sectors, disciplines and channels.

In excess of 30 affiliate organisations are part of GDMA. Collectively, they represent a significant proportion of the world’s major brands, corporations, suppliers and agencies.

Through its members associations, the GDMA provides access to the world’s largest network of data-driven marketing organisations and influencers.

Global GDMA Executives

Áine O’Connor
Ireland - IDMA

Áine O’Connor is the Client Services and Communications Manager with the IDMA.

Akira Oka
Japan - DMJ

Akira Oka is President and CEO of DMJ.

Cécile Delettre
France - ADETEM

Cécile is a member of the Board of Adetem, the biggest global marketing association in France with 1500 members (mainly brands).

Chris Combemale
United Kingdom - DMA UK

Chris Combemale is the Group CEO of the DMA UK, comprising the DMA, IDM and TPSL companies.

David Dickens
South Africa - DMASA

David Dickens is Executive Director of South Africa’s DMA.

Diana Janssen
The Netherlands - DDMA

Diana Janssen has been the director general of the Dutch DMA since 2006. She is currently also serving as FEDMA’s Co-Chair.

John Wiltshire
Canada - CMA

John Wiltshire is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Marketing Association.

Efraim Kapulski
Brazil - ABEMD

Efraim Kapulski is president and CEO of ABEMD (Associacao Brasileira de Marketing Direto – Brazilian Direct Marketing Association) since 2002.

Finn Thomsen
Denmark - DDMA

Finn Thomsen was co-founder of Wunderman International, the first Direct Marketing agency in Denmark.

Gill Stewart
New Zealand - MA

Gill Stewart is the CEO of the Marketing Association. Gill brings to the role 25 years of experience in the media industry including the last 10 years heading up The Radio Bureau.

György Huszics
Hungary - DIMA

György Huszics is President of DIMA Hungary joining the Association in 2014. He is also CRM Director and Owner at CRANE International.

Ivan Vandermeersch
Belgium - BDMA

Ivan Vandermeersch worked almost 30 years in communication of which 10 years in media research and then more than 10 years in industry representation.

Jodie Sangster
Australia - ADMA

Jodie Sangster is the CEO of the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), the Institute for Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) and The Digital Industry Association of Australia (AIMIA). She is also Chair of GDMA.

Thomas J. Benton

Since being appointed DMA CEO in 2014, Tom Benton has led a three-year transformation of DMA that includes a re-branding to become the Data & Marketing Association with an organizational and resource alignment focused on advocacy, innovation, education and connections.

Joost van Nispen
Spain - ICEMD

Joost is Founder & Chairman of ICEMD, The Institute for the Digital Economy (Spain), which has been part of ESIC Business & Marketing School since 2011.

Lisa Watson
Sinagpore - DMAS

Lisa Watson is Chairman, Direct Marketing Association of Singapore and Commercial Business Development Manager, HP PPS, Asia Pacific & Japan

Martin Jones
Argentina - AMDIA

Martin Jones was elected President of AMDIA in April 2014 following a previous period as Board Member.

Martin Nitsche
Germany - DDV

Martin Nitsche is Founder and Managing Partner of Solveta GmbH and is considered as one of Germany’s leading CRM and Marketing experts.

Mary Teahan
Argentina - AMDIA

Mary Teahan is past Chair of GDMA – formerly IFDMA – Mary is Board Member and Honorary President of amdia, the Argentinean DMA.

Patrick Tapp
Germany - DDV

Patrick Tapp is President of DDV (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e.V)

Sébastien Houzé
Belgium - FEDMA

Sébastien Houzé is Secretary General of FEDMA.

Shelly Singh

Shelly Singh is Founder & COO of DMA, MENA. Shelly is an adept media and marketing professional with two decades of contributions in print media.

Tore Thallaug
Sweden - SWEDMA

Tore Thallaug CEO, has been active in the industries of media, business information and direct & data-driven marketing, as MD/CEO for many years.

Valentina Carnevali
Italy - DMA Italia

Valentina Carnevali is Co-founder of 4IT Group and CEO of DMA Italia.

Vatsal Asher
India - DMA Asia

Vatsal Ahser is Founder and CEO of DMA Asia. He started his journey with DMAi as a Director & CEO in 2011.