New technologies and the use of personal data provides humanity with the opportunity to live better, consume better, and be more sustainable. Data has an ever-increasing role in this quest for business, innovation, and economic growth. The benefits of data for society and the economy can only be achieved through its ethical use and the generating of trust between individuals and organisations. Privacy and data protection rules both contribute to the creation of trust, while providing a framework for responsible free flows of information across the world.

The GDMA Global Privacy Principles, published on 12 May 2021, establish a worldwide framework for customer communication that should underpin all legal and commercial approaches. They are designed as an instrument of best practice and they are intended to serve as a guide for self-regulation and legislation.

The GDMA Global Privacy Principles are aspirational commitments for organisations, governments, and people to cultivate a trusted and successful commercial ecosystem through serving each individual with fairness, transparency and respect for privacy. The guiding principle of respecting and valuing privacy engenders trust at the heart of customer communication as an exchange of value between an organisation, looking to prosper, and an individual, looking to benefit. These principles ensure that organisations across the globe put the individual at the heart of everything they do, so that organisations can be trusted, respected and ultimately sustained in all countries.


Download the full Principles here.