Global GDMA Executives

Vatsal Asher is Founder and CEO of DMA Asia. He started his journey with DMAi as a Director & CEO in 2011. By emphasizing on global best practices for marketing services providers and marketers, he aims to carry forward DMA’s vision of establishing industry standards worldwide. He became the Founder of DMA Asia in 2015.

He has worked with the aim to strengthen DMAi’s presence as an apex body by advancing & protecting Data Driven Marketing & Advertising across Asia, promote new trends and technology in direct marketing, besides creating platforms for knowledge sharing and innovation, Instituting forums with active stakeholder participation in form of industry councils and regional chapters, Organizing webinars, periodic meetups and an annual colloquium modeled on global format to meet the objectives. He has also been actively involved towards protecting consumer’s interest, thereby strengthen their belief in direct marketing. For him it feels like the journey has just begun and the Industry response across Asia has added enough fuel to keep him motivated to take this across the globe. You can follow him on twitter @vatsalasher

Vatsal Ahser
India - DMA Asia
Founder & CEO