We are pleased to release the third annual Global Review of Data-Driven marketing and advertising.

It is clear that much has changed. The marketing uses cases to which consumer and B2B data are being deployed, have grown more numerous and more sophisticated than we could have ever imagined. Digital channels now represent the centrepiece of the data-driven effort, rather than a set of complementary tools. And ‘data’ itself is a concept that’s leapt off spreadsheets to command the attention of CMO’s, CEOs and business leaders the world over. That attention has brought with it a new role for DDMA. In fact, what was once a niche discipline – a distinct practice, borne from the legacy of direct marketing methods, now plays a starring role in the development of offers, messages and experiences that span virtually through every conceivable customer touchpoint.

We hope the learnings in this third Global Review will be helpful to you as you benchmark your efforts against your peers, both locally and globally. We hope that the report serves as a powerful reminder that data’s valuable contribution to marketing and business improvement requires constant safeguarding – and a concerted focus on the customer as the centre of both innovation and strategy.

To access a full copy of the report, please complete your details below and you will receive a confirmation email and download link.

The research was made possible through the generous support of our global sponsor MediaMath.

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