Jodie Sangster

Chief Executive Officer

Jodie Sangster is the CEO of the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership (AADL), Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), the Institute for Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), The Data Governance Australia (DGA) and the Digital +Technology Collective (D+TC).

Her extensive experience in the fields of global data-driven marketing and advertising spans over 18 years and includes experience throughout the US, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Jodie began her career as a marketing and advertising lawyer in London, specialising in data. She moved to Australia in 2001 to run ADMA’s Legal and Regulatory Affairs division, playing a significant role in shaping the digital and data-driven marketing landscape.

From 2005-2007, Jodie held the position of Chief Data Officer of Acxiom Asia Pacific, responsible for data protection throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Jodie moved to New York in 2007 where she became Senior Vice President of Global Development for the US DMA. At the DMA, she was responsible for global operations and worldwide data-driven marketing initiatives. In this role she gained a unique insight and perspective into global marketing and advertising issues, and was instrumental in developing international programs aimed at advancing and promoting data-driven marketing and advertising.

Jodie returned from the US in 2011 to take up the CEO position with ADMA. She became CEO of IAPA in 2014, when the two organisations formed an alliance to create a unified voice around the rapidly evolving field of marketing and data/business analytics.

Jodie also chairs the GDMA, a consortium of 27 data-driven marketing associations around the world with a mandate to advance and champion responsible global marketing and advertising.